Tuesday, 16 June 2015

One year Anniversary of The Engage Podcast Blog!

Hi #Treksters
A year ago today, I founded this very blog with my first very understated blog post introducing you to the blog, and the podcast.

So I just wanted to write this particular blog post in celebration of it's first Birthday! Which is an honour that will also bestow to the podcast later this year (on the 3rd of October)...so look out for that!!!

Since it's launch on Monday 16th June 2014 me, Jamie and Phil have collectively written (and published) a staggering 43 blog posts (including this one) covering a splattering of different topics!

These blog posts have fulfilled my whole aim for this blog, to give you a better understanding of us. as I didn't want us (me, Phil & Jamie) to be two dimensional to you (our readers & listeners) by just talking about Star Trek.
By giving you an insight into our interests outside of the Star Trek franchise, including our joint interest in history...specifically the Second World War history.
I know I'm the most bias person in the world, but I feel like we've achieved that!

As this is a podcast blog I am obviously not the sole custodian of the words written within. So I thought it would be a nice idea for Jamie & Phil to say a few words to explain what their thoughts and feelings are on this occasion!


For me, Jamie here speaking thank you! Getting into blogging has been another great way to express my opinions and interests with you our Treksters!(This is due to Simon for encouraging me to start blogging! Thanks mate!)
Not just with my friends and family, but the Trek community at large from my different topics from The Engima Machine, to the Benefits of Classical Music and Game of Thrones!
This has allowed our diversity as a podcast to come through in another way, with writing about different topics. Whether this be Star Trek or otherwise that are important and interesting to us as you Trekster's gain a glimpse into the world that is The Engage Podcast!
Anyway enough rambling, back to you Simon!



I really can’t believe it, sit and think 1 year old, I still don't get it let me say it again....1 year old!

Where has the time gone?

To all our readers we thank you! I also wanted to congratulate and acknowledge Simon & Jamie for all their hard work!

Thank you Jamie & Phil for writing those for me!
Even now we're always being astounded by which part of the world is reading what we've written, which is a huge testament to you...and to us!
As without you reading the blog on a regular basis, we wouldn't have a need to write ever more exciting and intriguing blog posts!!!

We would just like thank you all for your continued support!
You have no idea how much we really appreciate it!!!

This is Simon from The Engage Podcast signing out!

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