Thursday, 16 June 2016

Two year Anniversary of The Engage Podcast Blog!

Hi #Treksters
Two years ago today, I founded this very blog with my first very tentative (and understated) blog post introducing you to the blog, and the podcast.

So just like before (One year Anniversary of The Engage Podcast Blog!) I just wanted to write this particular blog post in celebration of it's second Birthday!

Which is an honour the podcast will also bestow later this year (on the 3rd of October) look out for that!!!

Since it's launch on Monday 16th June 2014 me, Jamie and Phil have collectively written (and published) a staggering 58 blog posts (including this one) covering a huge array of different subjects!

These blog posts have fulfilled my whole point in doing this blog, as I feel it gives you a better understanding of us...and who we 'actually' are!
Because it doesn't make us (me, Phil & Jamie) appear two dimensional to you (our readers & listeners) we're not constantly talking about Star Trek the whole time.

Giving you brief insights into our interests outside of the (wonderful) Star Trek franchise, including our shared fascination with history (in particular the Second World War).
I know I'm the most bias person to say this...but I really feel like we've achieved that in the past few years!

As we (me, Jamie & Phil) wrote last years messages explaining what our thoughts and feelings are on this occasion. So I thought it would be an awesome idea for some of you (our listeners/readers & friends) to write a celebratory message for it instead!!!

A STO Admiral on Deck logo
Vance- A STO Admiral on Deck

Hi Simon, Jamie and Phil;

So you've made successful second Trek around the Sol system with your blog and podcast intact. That's great, your friendship shows that you don't have to just be a fan of the Prime universe Star Trek to enjoy and get into Star Trek in general. I always enjoy hearing from you guys and your thoughts and opinions about Star Trek and how it relates to your lives. Keep up the great work and keep on Trekin' forward cause we don't need reverse.

Congratulations guys,

A STO Admiral on Deck (@AdmiralonDeck on Twitter)

Neil Green
Neil Green- Honouree Member of The Engage Podcast

Two years ago I had the pleasure of taking the Engage Podcast guys under my wing for the run up to the Destination Star Trek 3 event, to be held in October of 2014. Am I going over old ground? Tell me if I am, but, maybe somethings need to be said again.

For months we had phone call after phone call and email after email. What you have to realise is that these were just three friends that decided to realise their passion for Star Trek on a grander scale. To take it to the stage. For which they should be commended. It's not everyone that can do such a thing, it's very easy to sit in a bedroom and type your thoughts, video them, or record audio and put them online, but it takes a certain type of person to stand in front of an audience.

Since that time, I believe they have gone from strength to strength, interviewing people from the world Star Trek, blogs, events and more. We have met up on occasion at events and the three guys haven't changed, they are still the friends who love Star Trek. When you listen to their podcast you realise this, and if you get the chance to see them on stage, and you will this year, you'll realise it even more.

So, what are we getting this year then lads? Your audience is asking! We want more podcasts, we want more reviews, we want more news. Maybe you should interview that handsome host from DST3?

To the future...

Neil Green
Honouree Member of The Engage Podcast

Daniel Houston- Listener, and Guest Blogger to The Engage Podcast Blog

“I prefer to think of time as a companion, who goes with us on the journey...”
Jean-Luc Picard
Time seems to be a sneaky little devil as I couldn't believe that we have reached the 2nd anniversary of the Engage Podcast blog, must be some kind of strange temporal anomaly!
I've always thoroughly enjoyed the variation that Simon, Jamie and Phil have created for their various blog posts, be it factual or fictional they have all been fun and informative and (pardon the pun) ‘engaged’ my mind and got me thinking.
Who knows what the next 2 years Blog posts are going to be about? There will be no end of Trek goodness to be mined from the new movie Beyond, the new series and the various celebrations of Star Treks 50th anniversary.
So congratulations to Simon, Jamie and Phil and as a certain Spock would say “keep performing admirably”!

Daniel Houston (@TrekCave on Twitter)

Listener, and Guest Blogger to The Engage Podcast Blog [still need to sort out!]
IrishTrekkie logo
Damien- IrishTrekkie

The Engage Podcasts warps into its 2nd year. At the helm you have Jamie, Phil and Simon, great folks bring you great Trek. Their podcasts are always of the highest standards and I know that I have enjoyed them for too many hours to count.
May your voyages never end good sir and let's go boldly.
Live long and prosper

IrishTrekkie (@Theirishtrekkie on Twitter)

Lizzie- Listener

So, The Engage Podcast blog, and almost the podcast itself, is two years old today! Thank you to Simon, Phil and Jamie for sharing the fun, knowledge and enthusiasm, both for all things Star Trek and also other interests. I always enjoy the quizzes in particular.
Congratulations guys, pass round the virtual cake!

Lizzie, listener

First Contact: The NextGeneration Introcast logo

Andrew, Alex and James- The Spoilist

Has it really been 2 years since this blog launched? Time’s Arrow moves so quickly. When we at The Spoilist heard you were launching a blog we were worried because we thought that The Offspring you created might be The Enemy, or at the very least a rival, but instead you’ve done Justice to the Star Trek Family, sharing your personal passions and creating The Perfect Mate for the great work done on the podcast.
It’s fair to say you’ve been breaking New Ground and leaving a great Legacy.
It really is The Best of Both Worlds; a perfect Gambit.
We don’t want this to sound too much like Hero Worship but you guys are a Force of Nature and there are Lessons in your writing for all of us. We hope like All Good Things, this blog continues for years to come.

Andrew, Alex and James
The Spoilist (@TheSpoilist on Twitter)

Thank you all for contributing, and writing those for me!
Even now we're always being astounded by which part of the world is reading what we've written, which is a huge testament to you...and to us.
As without you reading the blog on a regular basis, we wouldn't have a need to write ever more exciting and intriguing blog posts!!!

We would just like thank you all for your continued support, you have no idea how much we really appreciate it!!!

Even though I haven't done an awful for this Blog post...
This is Simon from The Engage Podcast signing out!