Monday, 28 July 2014

Minack Theatre Advice Day 7- "The Get Out"

Hi guys
Today's tip is a lovely bookmark to my week of advice, as it is all about "The Get Out". In my first blog I spoke about how you can prepare for "The Get In" by getting the help of a Vulcan to lift more of the set and props.
In that blog I hinted about having a rich diet of carrots, which refers to the urban legend about seeing in the dark after eating large amounts of carrots. As "The Get Out" is done after the last performance this ability can be quite helpful!!!
The origins of the legend started back in the 1940's during the Battle of Britain. When the Royal Air Force circulated the story, attempting to cover up their use of radar technologies in engaging German planes.
So my seventh tip for the Minack is to make sure you bring plenty of torches with you, or hail one of the hunters from Rogue Planet to borrow some of their night vision technology. As they will make it easier to see when all the lights get turned off!
Dad Advice 2012- Day 7

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Lightning and computer problems!

Hi everyone
As you may be aware recently over in the United Kingdom we've had some dramatic weather...which has caused alot of damage.
BBC News article
One of the unfortunate casualties from all the lightning is my computer.It is suffering from a power surge, that it acquired Sunday afternoon. The surge has knocked out my computers power supply, memory chips and the motherboard. Along with the power supplies to our home phone and our internet router.
Until it is 'hopefully' repaired tomorrow I have come around Jamie's to make use of his laptop and internet.
Once I got home from Cornwall I was going to write my final Minack Theatre Advice blog posts. As I didn't get a chance to write my seventh or eighth I am going to write them once my computer is up and running!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Minack Theatre Advice Day 6- Rules!

Hi everyone
Today's tip is all about stage rules, because things at the Minack don't quite happen like they would in a conventional theatre...but I'm sure you'll have realised that by now!!!

At the Minack all the rules you would use in a conventional theatre go out the window, as none of them would work here. So you have to put in place rules that work solely at the Minack. Think of it as being the mirror universe of theatres!
In a normal theatre you don't have to worry about small props, as they are neatly laid out on a props table on either side of the stage...before being moved back to the props table.
Whereas here at the Minack you have consider whether they will be blown away by the wind or props getting rained on.
So my sixth tip for the Minack is to come up to the Minack before your show starts, as this will put you in a good position when you finally have to put your show here!

Dad Advice 2012- Day 6
Rescue 2012

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Minack Theatre Advice Day 5- Stairs!

Hi guys
Today's tip is all about the world famous stairs of the Minack Theatre... they just seem to go on forever!!!
By this point in the week you'll have gone up and down the Minack stairs enough times that everything the point where you can't face walking up or down them ever again!
But today only being Wednesday of course, you have to as there's still another 4 shows to do (and "The Get Out") before you are finished. The Minack stairs are "an opportunity that would bring great advancement" just like Ferengi saying about the Latinum stairway.
So my fifth tip for the Minack is to definately do some stair training before you arrive, as if you don't you will struggle with them, whilst feeling regretful for not doing the training.
Dad Advice 2012- Day 5

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Minack Theatre Advice Day 4- Sunshine!

Hi everyone
Today's tip is all about sunshine, as you are likely to get (at least) one superhot day. I imagine the weather today is much like the weather you come to expect on Risa due to the Weather Modification Network!Two years ago we had loads of them, "The Get In" was the first...and because me and dad have never done the Minack before. We didn't know what to expect... or to be more precise I didn't what to expect!
Which meant that not long after started to helping with "The Get In" I got heatstroke, an experience which I really wouldn't like to relive!!!
So my fourth tip for the Minack is to drink loads of water, put on tons of sunscreen and if your wearing black (like we are) stay in the shade for as long as you can!

Dad Advice 2012- Day 4

Monday, 14 July 2014

Minack Theatre Advice Day 3- Wind and rain!

Hi guys
Today my tip is all about weather! This is because earlier we were "trying" to preset the stage for act 1...but we were having problems with the wind. It was attempting to blow of all the props on our altar.
Now it has just started to mizzle, which is a combination of drizzle and mist. Fortunately in the United Kingdom we don't have 178 different words for rain like they do on Ferenginar!
So my third tip for the Minack is to weight down loose with as many stage weights as you can get your hands on. But I echoe what dad said about the topic two years ago:
So if it is likely to blow away tie it down, if you can't tie it down - hold the b****r down. If none of that is possible get rid of it - because if you don't, the wind will do it for you!!
For rain my tip is to set the loose props last, otherwise they will fly away forget very wet!

Dad Advice 2012- Day 3

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Minack Theatre Advice Day 2- Practise, practise, practise!

Hi everyone
Today's tip will be in relation to rehearsals, as we are just waiting to start the 3rd and final rehearsal (dress rehearsal) for today. Earlier (at 10am) we started with a technical rehearsal, before moving onto the other dress rehearsal!
My second tip for the Minack is bring something to keep yourself preoccupied between scene changes, as each act will take longer than usual. This is due to the planning involved. So make sure you bring along a Vic Fontaine cd or the latest technial manual!
Dad Advice 2012- Day 2

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Minack Theatre Advice Day 1- "The Get In"

Hi everyone
My first tip for the Minack is to train with some dumbbells before you come... as you will definately find it harder to help with "The Get In". I would also recommend adding alot of carrots to your diet. But I'll explain why towards the end of the week!
If you can't do some training before you come down, then make sure you become friendly with a Vulcan (3x the strength of a human). Who can hold more of the set and props, leaving you with less work to do!!!
Dad Advice 2012- Day 1

Friday, 11 July 2014

Dad set course for Cornwall! Minack Theatre holiday 2014!!!

Tosca Poster
Hi guys
I'm sure you'll be able to guess from the title of this post, I'm going down to Cornwall with my dad for a holiday (of sorts!). I say this because it will be a working holiday, because my dad has many hobbies... but his interest in Amateur Dramatics is the reason why we're going all the way down to Cornwall for a total of nine days!
My Dad and I work as part of the backstage crew for Surrey Opera, this years show is Tosca which has already been performed in Surrey. Now the show is being moved down to the world famous Minack Theatre!
Minack Theatre Stage

As I say will be spending the majority of my time working backstage (with my dad) on Tosca. But we will also get some time to spend away from the show to go and explore... strange new worlds. Sorry about that it just sort of came out, what I was meant to be saying was to go and explore Cornwall!!!
This year will be the second time that I'll have helped my dad backstage at the Minack, the last time was back in 2012 when we (Surrey Opera) performed Die Fledermaus to packed audiences.

While we were there my dad came up with seven pieces of advice for putting on a show at the Minack. My dad posted at least one piece of advice for each day the show was performed.
The seven topics my dad talked about were stairs, the wind, sunburn, rain, the changeable weather, upstaging and the magic of the place! In homage to my dad's advice from 2012, I am going to do the same. So if you want to find out what advice I've got then make sure you check the blog for new blog posts between the 12th-20th of July!

Once I've posted this it will mean that we are in a hotel in Okehampton (near Exeter), after travelling (250 miles) all day from Essex. Tomorrow morning we will have around 92 miles left on our journey before we reach the Minack Theatre, at the tip of Cornwall.
When we get there we will begin (what my dad calls) "The Get In". This involves getting the set and props down to the stage (and backstage area) from the van via a people chain. After "The Get In" the construction of the sets will start in anticipation for the rehearsals to start on Sunday morning. After all the practicing the show will begin at 8pm on Monday evening!!!

For those interested in seeing the show, it can be seen between:
Monday 14th to Friday 18th of July at 8pm,
Matinees on Tuesday 15th & 17th of July at 2pm!

If you want to find out more information about the Minack Theatre, Tosca or Surrey Opera please visit:
Minack Theatre Website
Tosca Webpage
Surrey Opera Website

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Want to be an intergalactic bartender...but don't know how?!

Hi everyone
Have you ever seen a drink in a Science Fiction programme which you've always said to yourself "I'd love to try that drink sometime!".
Well your in luck as I've stumbled across a very interesting website that can tell you where you can get recipes to make that prized 'tipple' you've always longed for!!!

But if you'd rather get the recipes in a book then I would recommend that you buy yourself a book called The Intergalactic Bartender!

Jamie found out at Destination Star Trek London 2012 from a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine talk hosted by Casey Briggs (Damar) that the Cardassian drink Kanar was actually made from sugar-free maple syrup!
So if you've got any maple syrup lying around at home then pour a shot of that and you're already on your way to drinking like a Science Fiction character!!!

Klingon Blood Wine- Star Trek

This drink is typically served warm on the Klingon home world (Qo'noS or Kronos) with traditional Klingon food including Gagh, Pipius Claw and Rokeg Blood Pie. I must warn you than when drink Blood Wine you are likely to get drunk pretty easily! As it has double the potency as whisky!!!

Slurm- Futurama

The highly addictive soft drink from the animated show Futurama. In the show Fry gets so addicted to drinking it, that the crew end up winning a golden ticket to go and see the factory where it's produced...and yes it is a homage to Charlie and the chocolate factory! For all those interested the episode is called "Fry and the Slurm Factory" Season 2 Episode 4.

Romulan Ale- Star Trek

Another potent drink from Star Trek here, this time from the Romulan Empire! As the Federation and Romulan Empire are in an 'uneasy peace' the Federation end up banning Romulan Ale from their borders... so you know it's got to be good!
I think Phil and Jamie are going to 'try' to get me drunk from it at Destination Star Trek London 2014!

Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Ah...we're finally up to Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster! The effect of drinking it has been described as "having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon, wrapped round a large gold brick".
At least you'll be able to pay for the medical care you'll need after being hit by it, with the proceeds from selling the gold brick!!!

Mudder's Milk (Non-Alcoholic)- Firefly

A drink from the city of Canton on the Higgins' Moon where mud is the major export! This drink is said to have "all the protein, vitamins and carbs of your grandma's best turkey dinner". For the alcoholic version add "15 percent alcohol".

Moloko Plus- The Clockwork Orange

The illegal drink is sold at The Korova Milk Bar. For all those that don't speak Russian korova means cow. In The Clockwork Orange bar's rely on milk with 'special ingredients' like drugs (such as Moloko Plus).

Vitex Health Drink- Doctor Who

Vitex Health Drink is created in a parallel universe Earth by the father of former companion Rose Tyler. In Rose's universe her father (Pete) was killed...whereas in the parallel universe he is still alive. In the parallel universe he has become extremely successful making him a millionaire. For all those interested the episodes are called "Rise of the Cybermen" and "The Age of Steel" Season 2 Episode 5-6.

Ambrosa/Ambrosia- Battlestar Galactica television series

A drink produced in prison labour camps, and distilled for a hundred years. The drink is also mentioned in Greek mythology, because it was said to be the food of the Olympian gods, made out of nectar, conferring immortality on those who ate it. If you want to drink like a god then this is the drink for you!!!

If you want to find out more information please visit:

And if you would like to purchase The Intergalactic Bartender book then please visit: