Saturday, 18 October 2014

Podcast Schedule 2015: What episodes you can expect from us in the upcoming weeks and months!!!

Hi guys
Firstly I have to apologise...yet again for the gap between this blog and my last one! The whole reason that this has happened, is explained in the (fairly lengthy) description that you could fit a starship in!!!
After all the mad preparations (and rehearsals) we needed to do leading up to DST3, and all the coverage we needed to do while we were there! We then had to decide how we were going to cover the event in episode form...which ended up turning into The Engage Podcast at DST3 Parts 1 and 2 after much thought!
While all of this has been going on I've been racking my brains trying to work out a schedule for our episodes to go in. Which I can tell you sounds a lot harder than it me!

Before I go any further, I do need to point out that this schedule (at the time that I write this) is subject to change, as I've learnt that things don't tend to go the way I plan!!!
This tends to happen because a podcast is an on-going project, where you have get quite good at 'juggling' a lot of production work (at various stages). So for each and every episode you have to research and 'plan' how the conversation will roughly go, whilst making sure that you can get the content and time that you want from a topic.
With that in mind, I also have to consider at which point has the concept progressed to within it's own production. This can range from an idea needing more work being done to all the hard work being finished, ready to be recorded!!!
Pre-launch episodes
  1. The Engage Podcast at DST3 Part 1 Done
  2. The Engage Podcast at DST3 Part 2 Done
  3. The Engage Podcast's Red Shirt Diaries Season 2 interview Done
  4. How to get someone into Star Trek Done
  5. Star Trek 3 discussion: Pre-recorded Done
  6. Old Klingons, New Klingons and 'Blingons' Done
  7. Star Trek Role Models Done
  8. Who would you want to go on Shore Leave with?!: Pre-recorded Done
  9. Star Trek Into Darkness Special ExtendedPre-recorded Done
  10. Trek Mate Crossover episode Done
  11. Star Trek 101 with Emdad Rahman MBE Done
  12. Star Trek Merchandise Done
  13. Season Review- TNG Season 1 Done
  14. EM-CON 2015 Done
  15. Episode Commentary- "Trouble with Tribbles": Pre-recorded Done
  16. Star Trek Life Lessons Done
  17. NASA/ESA Manned Missions to Mars Done
  18. How we would Improve Star Trek: Voyager feat. SKoST Done
  19. Star Trek Roleplaying feat. Risa Done
  20. Enterprise In Space feat. Larry Nemecek & Johnny Steverson Done
  21. Star Trek characters doing jobs in our society Done
  22. Whose crew would you want to be a part of? And why? Done
  23. Starship Bridges Done
  24. Operation Annihilate! Episode Debate: Pre-recorded Done
  25. Absent friends 2015 Done
  26. The Redshirt Diaries Season 2 interview 2015 Done
  27. Science Fiction Regrets Done
  28. FCD 2016 interview Done
  29. Star Trek in-jokes and references feat. Geek Apocalypse Done
  30. Yearbook 2015 Done