Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Engage Podcast Launch Anniversary - One year on.

Phil, Jamie and Simon at DST3 2014

Hi #Treksters welcome to the one year anniversary of The Engage Podcast launch! Where precisely on Friday 3rd of October 2014 at Destination Star Trek 3 me, Simon and Phil broadcast our podcast to you all!    

Since our launch we have researched, recorded and released a colossal 22 episodes for topics of discussion from the hypothetical like our episode Who would you go on Shore Leave with? to the more in depth such as Star Trek Role models and our guest interviews with various other Trek podcasters and bloggers alike!

We just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has helped us since our launch in October from all our fellow Treksters who have followed and supported us on Facebook and Twitter, reading our blogs and downloading/playing the episodes we upload on Podomatic. We hope you have enjoyed and will continue to listening to our episodes and that have entertained you and been educational in whatever form.

Secondly to our fellow podcasters and bloggers who are too numerous to mention who have welcomed us into the Trek podcast/general community at large we thank you including those have been guests on our Podcast and vice versa. We couldn't have done any of this without you!

Initially borne out of an idea by me of listening to another Trek Podcast, Make it So. I turn to Simon one day and say "hey, why don't we do something like this, it sounds like fun!"

Simon agreed and has since with assistance from me and Phil built up the podcast to how we wanted to go by the time we launched last year. Credit to Simon for suggesting we go live at DST3. It has been an amazing journey with these guys and our fellow Treksters and podcasters alike!

Like with the one year anniversary blog post Simon wrote, it is only fitting to hear from him and Phil as they also orchestrated the success of us going live about how they feel how far we've come since we launched a year ago today, so it's over to you guys!            


I can’t believe it’s already been 365 days since we launched the podcast at Destination Star Trek 3. Where we started our adventure with a bang…doing our ‘Fan Panel’ on the Borg! (Thank you to Neil Green, Sam from the Trekkie Girls, and Media 10 for making it possible).

Since then we’ve done more topics (and interviews) than I can remember, making me think that it’s been “one hell of a year”.
As some of you know, it has taken us a long time in development just to launch the to make it to our one year anniversary is quite humbling.
After all the trials and tribulations we’ve had since our quite modest beginnings with Jamie asking me “Si, do you want to start a podcast?” all those years ago!

So I’m going to mirror what I said in the Blog’s one year anniversary post, by saying that without you listening to the podcast on a regular basis, we wouldn't have a need to record ever more exciting and intriguing episodes!!!

Thank you all for your continued support!
You have no idea how much we really appreciate it!!!

Executive Producer (and host)
The Engage Podcast

Now over to Phil (or Jamie) depending on how Jamie’s organised this blog post!!! #FunnyTrekkie #lol

Happy Birthday podcast!!!
I can’t believe it’s been a year since we got this baby off the ground, and what a year it’s been!!!
As at the heart of it it’s been bloody good fun, and for that I want to thank Simon & Jamie. Because if it wasn't for them it would just be me talking about how bad Operation Annihilate[!] was...hehe!

We have been pleased (and amazed) with the amount of help we’ve received from so many other podcasters and associated people alike.
I would also like to just take a moment to personally thank Neil Green and the gorgeous ladies from the Trek Girls (including The Original TiT)!
e.g. the #NaughtyTiT (see Twitter it will make sense)

But the group of people I want to thank more than anyone else, is you! Yes…you our loyal Treksters!
I hope you’ve liked our first year just as much as we’ve enjoyed making the podcast, and I’m sure you’ll love what we have in store for you in the future!

Beam me up, Phil out!

Thanks guys! So that ends another blog! And our official first year on the podcast, so it's onwards from here! Thanks again for all your support everyone! And we hope you have enjoyed reading!

As usual I'll be back with another blog soon. So until then this is Jamie from the Engage Podcast warping off into the unknown! Punch it!

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