Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Podcast Schedule 2019

Hi guys, a new year means a new Podcast Schedule!
Once again, this is an incomplete just like previous years "this schedule (at the time that I write this) is subject to change". Partly, because we've learnt (the hard way) that things don't tend to go the way we plan.

It's also because this year's schedule is going to work out the same way as last years schedule (See our Star Trek 'odds and ends' episode for more information).
As once again we've mutually decided that the workload (and the schedule) should be divided up a little bit more evenly.
Meaning that this year will be divided into two different sections, with each section managed by a different member of the team:
Simon:- 1st January 2018-30th July 2019
Jamie:- 1st September-31st December 2019
This still means that, we also have an awful lot of different options (and ideas) available to us. Which we'll decide on at the time (when needed!).
Hopefully making 2019's schedule an interesting year to be a follower of The Engage Podcast, we hope that you enjoy what we've got in store for you this year... not that even I know what's going to happen in the second half of the year!!!

  1. Goldshirts, from command to security guard Done
  2. Star Trek’s defining moments (featuring Starbase 66) Done
  3. Warp speed Done
  4. FanSets interview Done
  5. “The Neutral Zone” episode commentary Done
  6. Listeners Choice- Franchise Fatigue Done
  7. First Contact Day- Vulcan Perspective Done
  8. Crafty Conniving Cardassians, Part Two Done
  9. Starship Profile: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, Part Two Done
  10. The Holy Core interview Done
  11. Franchise reviving “Kelvin Timeline” films feat. Larry Nemecek Done
  12. Our life, the universe and everything theories Done
  13. Season Review- TNG Season 5, Part One Done
  14. Season Review- TNG Season 5, Part Two Done
  15. The Character Trek Tests Done 
  16. Jamie's General Interest: Life is Strange Done
  17. Star Trek Room101a Pre-recorded Done
  18. TEP Gift Guide Done
  19. The Engage Podcast at The Kings Langley Sci-Fi Palooza 2! Done
  20.  Absent Friends 2019 Done
  21. Character Profile - Elim Garak: Part One Done 
  22. Yearbook 2019 Done 

What Star Wars can teach Star Trek (featuring Jedi Fight Academy) Pre-recorded
Convention advice (featuring Neil Green)

Boldly Blessed Bajorians
Shore Leave (R&R) Itineraries (featuring Sarah TiT)

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