Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Lack of blog posts to be uploaded from me in the next few weeks- Simon

Hi guys
I just want to make you all aware that over the next few weeks the number of blogs written by me are likely to fall, as I am still quite busy preparing, writing (and finalising) the different elements that will go into our DST3 Fan Panel!

As you can imagine there is an awful lot I need to complete before the month is out!
One of the main elements that we will rely on at the convention is our Prompt Sheet. Which (once finished) will detail the format of our discussion, and the notes needed to fully explain how we come to the conclusions we've come to!!!
The other vital element to any Fan Panel is a bright and colourful PowerPoint, which as you can imagine will be a visual representation for the discussion. We hope it will spur the audiences imagination, so that they ask themselves fascinating and interesting questions about the famous (if not infamous) cyborg race!!!

On top of all those preparations, I've also got the herculean task of getting the podcast ready to go live on the same day we host our Fan Panel on stage!
This has got it's elements which have still got to combine to make a whole. As you many have seen over the past month some of the preparations have already gone live!
See this post for more details: TEP Podcast Media Live!

Although we've got an awful lot more to do, before we're capable of releasing podcasts on a regular basis. Me, Jamie and Phil have got our own jobs to complete before the deadline runs out!

I think this is best time to admit to you all that once we start broadcasting. Some of the episodes you will hear will be one's we've recorded in the past.
I know that doesn't sound great but it isn't as bad as it's sounds. Because we feel that these episodes have got interesting ideas and concepts in them. Which we would like you to hear! All the podcasts will all be labelled so that you'll be able to identify them with ease!!!

Make sure you check out and vote in our Borg poll over on the right of your screen. The results of the poll will be revealed and used in our Fan Panel, so every vote counts!
We'd love to know what you think!!!

The poll finishes at 5:00pm on Friday 3rd of October 2014!!!

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