Monday, 22 December 2014

My Message.

Hi everyone

You may have noticed for the last couple of weeks I have not being very active on the podcast in terms of our online media via Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and the You-tube channel (hence why there haven't been any good deed videos this month). This is due to a combination of personal reasons, stuff going on within my family and busy with my job, which gets hectic at this time of year (don't most jobs!)

As such my presence on the podcast has been less. But I wanted to take the time to send this message to you all for an update on things. As such my life is a bit less hectic now and after Christmas and the New Year I will be back in full swing (mostly). What I mean by this is our You-tube channel is winding down for now, but will be back again in future as I'll be concentrating on other podcast bits and pieces for now.

I would like to end this message on behalf of all of us at the podcast in thanking all our listeners and fans for supporting us and to the Trek Podcast community for all their wisdom and welcoming. You all know who you are.

We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Have a great one!!!

The Engage Podcast
Simon, Jamie and Phil

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