Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Podcast Schedule 2016

Hi #Treksters, a new year means a new Podcast Schedule!
A year which brings us the 50th Anniversary of the franchise along with Star Trek: Beyond the new Kelvin Timeline (Abramsverse) film!!!
As you'll see below this is an incomplete schedule this time just like last year "this schedule (at the time that I write this) is subject to change". Mainly because we've learnt that things don't tend to go the way we plan!

Because of that fact, we also have an awful lot of different options (and ideas) available to us. Which we'll decide on at the time (when needed!).
Hopefully making 2016's schedule an interesting year to be a #Trekster, we hope you enjoy what we've got in store for you in the year ahead!!!
  1. Vulcans: To Kir’Shara or not to Kir’Shara? That is the question! Done
  2. Manu Intiraymi The Circuit Movie interview Done
  3. Star Trek Tropes Done
  4. "More Tribbles, More Troubles" TAS Episode Commentary Done
  5. Wil & David talk FCD "Out of ashes" Done
  6. Redshirts, from expendable to command Done
  7. Destination Star Trek London 2012 Pre-recorded Done
  8. FCD "Out of ashes" feat. Geek Apocalypse Done
  9. Star Trek Role Models, Part Two Done
  10. Star Trek Snog Marry Avoid feat. Trekkie Girls Done
  11. Simon's General Interest- Anne Frank Done
  12. What it means to be Human? Done
  13. Season Review- TNG Season 2 Done
  14. Star Trek Beyond Special Done
  15. Matter/energy podcast Done
  16. Days that changed the universe Done
  17. The Engage Podcast at DSTE Done
  18. The Circuit Movie update interview Done
  19. Absent Friends 2016 Done
  20. Yearbook 2016 Done
Upcoming episodes
  • Jamie's General Interest- Audrey Hepburn
  • Why we love Star Trek?
  • Evolution to higher species
  • Impact of Star Trek: The Next Generation

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