Sunday, 24 August 2014

Poll: Are the Borg villains or victims? Updated and extended, now with results!

Hi everyone
With Destination Star Trek and our Fan Panel quickly approaching we would love to hear your thoughts on whether the Borg are villains or victims?

So we have set up a poll on the blog to gather your thoughts on the topic. It is our hopes the results of the poll can be used in our Fan Panel. Feel free to leave your views below in the comments or you can send us an e-mail, as we'll be really interested to hear what you voted and why!

Do you think the Borg are villains for assimilating millions of people by controlling their every move?
Or are actually unfortunate victims of the Borg's search for perfection?

Could they even be a mixture of the two, starting off as a victim and ending up as a villain?

There's no right way or wrong way to answer the question! The results of the poll (so far) will be revealed and used in our Fan Panel, so every vote counts!
We'd love to know what you think!!!

The poll finishes at 11:59pm on Friday 31st of October 2014!!!

The results of the poll are as following:

  1 vote  (14%)
  2 votes (28%)
  4 votes (57%) winner

So in conclusion people think that the Borg are a combination of villain's and victims!

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