Friday, 1 August 2014

Minack Theatre Advice Day 8- Dad set a course for home!

Hi everyone
Before you all say it, the last couple of posts have been a little bit late. Ok I'll be fair...they are very late! As this post was originally meant to be released after getting home on the Sunday night!
Although I think you'll (hopefully) agree with me here, I've got some very good reasons and excuses why:
  1. Due to the lateness of "The Get Out" and after show party on the Friday night (18th July). Which lasted until the early hours of Saturday morning.
  2. The journey all the way back to Essex (around 339 miles).
  3. The thunderstorm knocking out my computer on the Sunday Night (20th July), and not being repaired until Thursday (24th July). Making it impossible to post anything...although it wasn't completely impossible due to a visit to Jamie's!   

In our time at the Minack we've had a power cut due to a farmer driving a farm vehicle into a power cable, the most amazing thunderstorm (which stopped the performance 2/3 through due to safety concerns!) and a pod of dolphins with random seal. I thought that it was pretty ironic that on Tuesday night we didn't have enough power for the forward to Friday night, where god seeing us struggling on Tuesday gives us more power than we can muster. By giving us the most tremendous thunderstorm. Making it an 'interesting' if not ironic experience for Surrey Opera this year!!!

View from the top of the Minack Theatre
But as my Dad said back in 2012, that just adds to the magic of the Minack Theatre! So my last tip for the Minack is that the theatre will become one of those places you will never forget, it starts when you look down at the inviting sea from the top of the countless stairs! Your show may go without a problem and may not be as dramatic as our time down there...but either way the Minack Theatre will always be apart of you!!!
Dad Advice 2012- Day 7...again!

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