Friday, 12 September 2014

Details about The Engage Podcast pre-launch episodes! Updated

Hi everyone!
Firstly I have to admit my last blog post might appear quite alarmist of me as...obviously your reading my new blog post!
Which is a surprise to all of us I assure you, as when I wrote the last blog post it appeared as though all my preparations were going to take the rest of the month. But it occurred to me while I was looking over the Fan Panel PowerPoint and Prompt Sheet that I was being a bit of a pessimist (which is very unlike me!). As it appears we're ahead of schedule for the Fan Panel!

Because of that I have a bit more time available to me, so I can write a blog post explaining what we are going to release in the next few weeks. Before our official launch on the 3rd of October at Destination Star Trek!!!

The first thing we'll be releasing is our Promo, which you can already listen to over on our Downloads Page! Our Promo is a quick promotional introduction to the podcast. Which you'll be able to download it along with everything else via iTunes and Podomatic.
Podomatic is still being developed, so there might be a few teething problems, until we get the page looking and working how we like! The site will be linked up with the aforementioned Downloads Page in order for you to download our podcasts!!!

Then we go onto what we like to call Teaser Episodes, which as the name suggests teases at what you can expect from us once the full length episodes are recorded and released! All three Teaser Episode's have their own topic, which we discuss at length.
As they are special episodes, we thought it was appropriate that they have a unique format. So at the beginning of each episode one of us introduces ourselves and explains how they got into Star Trek. Once they're happy that they've achieved it, we then discuss the topic at hand!

The first topic we discuss is, was it right for the Federation to sign the Treaty of Algeron? Should the Federation have cloaking technology?
In the first episode we discuss the moral and ethical dilemma's surrounding the Federation's decision to sign the Treaty of Algeron in 2311. A peace accord making it illegal for them to use cloaking technology. I have the honour of introducing myself first!

The second topic we deliberate over is, the Memory Alpha Random Page Game
In this episode we have a little bit of fun! As we play one of the most fun and unpredictable games related to Star Trek on the internet. The Memory Alpha Random Page Game is a pastime that makes use of the website's Random Page function. The game can be played as a single player or multiplayer.

You play by pressing the button and seeing who has the most interesting page. The person who gets the most interesting pages overall is the winner! Phil had the opportunity of introducing himself in this Teaser Episode!

The last topic we debated was, Which series is it best to be a Federation Citizen?
In the final episode we debate, which era is the optimum time to be living on Earth in the Federation. To work this out we used a criteria. The points of comparison were the technological advances, the chances of survival and the feelings of security. Jamie had pleasure of starting this Teaser Episode!

We are really looking forward to meeting you all at DST3!!!
Simon, Jamie and Phil

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