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The Good Deeds in Star Trek! (YouTube channel)

Hi everyone! As you may have noticed recently we have uploaded some new videos to our YouTube channel. You can see we have posted different things on there. Our ice bucket challenges and a group of video's covering the previous Destination Star Trek conventions from London (2012) and Frankfurt (2014)!

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However within the next few weeks, by the time we go live and are at the convention, I will have started to post themed videos concerning the good deeds in Star Trek! The examples of which will be picked from all the series!

A good deed can mean a variety of different things, a kindness one stranger does for another, like the stories featured in The Metro (free newspaper).


 One example is from their Friday 12th September's edition:

"Thank you so much to the young lady who got off the train to help me, an elderly woman with a dog, when I fell and hit my face against the train door and was bleeding profusely at Royal Oak on my way to Wood Green. She stayed with me until I was collected. Also, thank you to the driver of the train, who tried to get help at the station." 

Lillis Janicki, London

Reading this selfless act and many others like it, inspired me to start developing my Star Trek good deed feed!

Furthermore both The Metro good deed section and Star Trek is a reminder that we as human beings have the capacity to do great and wonderful things for each other. By highlighting these actions in Star Trek, I hope to inspire others to carry out generous acts. In a sense it can be a moral and ethical guide for us to strive to be more than we can be and fulfil our potential in all aspects of our lives as it has for me, Simon and Phil!

Though they are both similar (The Metro and Star Trek selfless deeds). I will be putting a twist on it and discussing why I have chosen that deed, while most importantly questioning whether something a character has done was actually good or questionable. For example should Janeway have stranded her crew in the Delta Quadrant?

This will involve looking at morals, messages and meanings behind that "kind action," which can be morally and ethically questionable. It's about getting us to think how you interpret the message in what it means to you and what would you do if faced with a choice like that (in this scenario and many others.)

I plan to release the introduction and the first good deed feed video before Thursday 2nd October at the latest. The video's will be released initially twice a month at least (although this could vary on my work schedule). So keep your eyes open for them!

It is my hopes that the good deed feed will be the main focus for our channel. Although Simon and Phil will be uploading videos from time to time for the podcast.

I'll see you soon!

Feel free to check out The Metro wesbite!

Metro Paper

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