Monday, 28 July 2014

Minack Theatre Advice Day 7- "The Get Out"

Hi guys
Today's tip is a lovely bookmark to my week of advice, as it is all about "The Get Out". In my first blog I spoke about how you can prepare for "The Get In" by getting the help of a Vulcan to lift more of the set and props.
In that blog I hinted about having a rich diet of carrots, which refers to the urban legend about seeing in the dark after eating large amounts of carrots. As "The Get Out" is done after the last performance this ability can be quite helpful!!!
The origins of the legend started back in the 1940's during the Battle of Britain. When the Royal Air Force circulated the story, attempting to cover up their use of radar technologies in engaging German planes.
So my seventh tip for the Minack is to make sure you bring plenty of torches with you, or hail one of the hunters from Rogue Planet to borrow some of their night vision technology. As they will make it easier to see when all the lights get turned off!
Dad Advice 2012- Day 7

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