Friday, 11 July 2014

Dad set course for Cornwall! Minack Theatre holiday 2014!!!

Tosca Poster
Hi guys
I'm sure you'll be able to guess from the title of this post, I'm going down to Cornwall with my dad for a holiday (of sorts!). I say this because it will be a working holiday, because my dad has many hobbies... but his interest in Amateur Dramatics is the reason why we're going all the way down to Cornwall for a total of nine days!
My Dad and I work as part of the backstage crew for Surrey Opera, this years show is Tosca which has already been performed in Surrey. Now the show is being moved down to the world famous Minack Theatre!
Minack Theatre Stage

As I say will be spending the majority of my time working backstage (with my dad) on Tosca. But we will also get some time to spend away from the show to go and explore... strange new worlds. Sorry about that it just sort of came out, what I was meant to be saying was to go and explore Cornwall!!!
This year will be the second time that I'll have helped my dad backstage at the Minack, the last time was back in 2012 when we (Surrey Opera) performed Die Fledermaus to packed audiences.

While we were there my dad came up with seven pieces of advice for putting on a show at the Minack. My dad posted at least one piece of advice for each day the show was performed.
The seven topics my dad talked about were stairs, the wind, sunburn, rain, the changeable weather, upstaging and the magic of the place! In homage to my dad's advice from 2012, I am going to do the same. So if you want to find out what advice I've got then make sure you check the blog for new blog posts between the 12th-20th of July!

Once I've posted this it will mean that we are in a hotel in Okehampton (near Exeter), after travelling (250 miles) all day from Essex. Tomorrow morning we will have around 92 miles left on our journey before we reach the Minack Theatre, at the tip of Cornwall.
When we get there we will begin (what my dad calls) "The Get In". This involves getting the set and props down to the stage (and backstage area) from the van via a people chain. After "The Get In" the construction of the sets will start in anticipation for the rehearsals to start on Sunday morning. After all the practicing the show will begin at 8pm on Monday evening!!!

For those interested in seeing the show, it can be seen between:
Monday 14th to Friday 18th of July at 8pm,
Matinees on Tuesday 15th & 17th of July at 2pm!

If you want to find out more information about the Minack Theatre, Tosca or Surrey Opera please visit:
Minack Theatre Website
Tosca Webpage
Surrey Opera Website

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