Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Minack Theatre Advice Day 4- Sunshine!

Hi everyone
Today's tip is all about sunshine, as you are likely to get (at least) one superhot day. I imagine the weather today is much like the weather you come to expect on Risa due to the Weather Modification Network!Two years ago we had loads of them, "The Get In" was the first...and because me and dad have never done the Minack before. We didn't know what to expect... or to be more precise I didn't what to expect!
Which meant that not long after started to helping with "The Get In" I got heatstroke, an experience which I really wouldn't like to relive!!!
So my fourth tip for the Minack is to drink loads of water, put on tons of sunscreen and if your wearing black (like we are) stay in the shade for as long as you can!

Dad Advice 2012- Day 4

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