Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Minack Theatre Advice Day 5- Stairs!

Hi guys
Today's tip is all about the world famous stairs of the Minack Theatre... they just seem to go on forever!!!
By this point in the week you'll have gone up and down the Minack stairs enough times that everything the point where you can't face walking up or down them ever again!
But today only being Wednesday of course, you have to as there's still another 4 shows to do (and "The Get Out") before you are finished. The Minack stairs are "an opportunity that would bring great advancement" just like Ferengi saying about the Latinum stairway.
So my fifth tip for the Minack is to definately do some stair training before you arrive, as if you don't you will struggle with them, whilst feeling regretful for not doing the training.
Dad Advice 2012- Day 5

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