Thursday, 17 July 2014

Minack Theatre Advice Day 6- Rules!

Hi everyone
Today's tip is all about stage rules, because things at the Minack don't quite happen like they would in a conventional theatre...but I'm sure you'll have realised that by now!!!

At the Minack all the rules you would use in a conventional theatre go out the window, as none of them would work here. So you have to put in place rules that work solely at the Minack. Think of it as being the mirror universe of theatres!
In a normal theatre you don't have to worry about small props, as they are neatly laid out on a props table on either side of the stage...before being moved back to the props table.
Whereas here at the Minack you have consider whether they will be blown away by the wind or props getting rained on.
So my sixth tip for the Minack is to come up to the Minack before your show starts, as this will put you in a good position when you finally have to put your show here!

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