Monday, 14 July 2014

Minack Theatre Advice Day 3- Wind and rain!

Hi guys
Today my tip is all about weather! This is because earlier we were "trying" to preset the stage for act 1...but we were having problems with the wind. It was attempting to blow of all the props on our altar.
Now it has just started to mizzle, which is a combination of drizzle and mist. Fortunately in the United Kingdom we don't have 178 different words for rain like they do on Ferenginar!
So my third tip for the Minack is to weight down loose with as many stage weights as you can get your hands on. But I echoe what dad said about the topic two years ago:
So if it is likely to blow away tie it down, if you can't tie it down - hold the b****r down. If none of that is possible get rid of it - because if you don't, the wind will do it for you!!
For rain my tip is to set the loose props last, otherwise they will fly away forget very wet!

Dad Advice 2012- Day 3

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